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Effective Use of On hold Music


The main aim of playing music to callers whilst they remain on-hold with your business is to prevent or delay client hang-ups. Research has demonstrated that 70% of callers prefer music over silence and that playing music makes the caller substantially less likely to hang-up in the first minute of being placed on-hold.


The choice of music you make should reflect the character of your company and the probable mind-set of your callers. The style of music you choose will reflect greatly on your companies’ image and perceived professionalism


Music per sector:


Most uses will be in a neutral service-type environment ie public sector organisations. Selling financial products. Here, it is important that the music reflects a degree of seriousness – giving the impression that your organization is reputable and efficient. We recommend selections from our Professional Category. If the line is used is used in potentially negative customer situation (ie complaints), we recommend the use of some of our calm, relaxing pieces.


The more upbeat selections, should be reserved for potentially positive customer interactions ie vacation bookings.  


Other considerations


It is not recommended that you play marketing messages to callers whilst they are on-hold. Anything resembling a selling message is likely to damage your companies’ image: after all, if you are not attending to their immediate needs, why do you want to present them with an alternative.


Our pieces loop seamlessly, so avoiding the music dropping-out whilst the user is on-hold. When this occurs, the client may believe their call is about to be answered, so the playing of a new piece can be frustrating and reflect badly on your company.


For individual advice on chosing suitable music for your organization, please contact us at info@onhold-music.com